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Onushondhani Lab is created by some enthusiastic young people who are constantly working devotedly on applied Technology solutions. Our goal is to give you simple solutions for complex issues. We have six expert teams who are working on App Development, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Circuit, Interface and Web Development. These teams are working on the projects and learnings that are important to survive in this competitive world and also preparing contents that we need to learn to shine in this tech world. These 6 teams are created with the vision of creating an academic community, developing applications that are easily accessible to everyone. We are also focused on developing a platform to deliver hands on tutorial experiences over above stated topics. We encourage and support remote communications and also doing researches on many ongoing topics along with other applied fields. We have experience and knowledge working on Robotics. We focused to build a strong developer community in Bangladesh. . For any kind of Tech related support we are always open & welcoming.

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BDPlasma Bank

Your co-operation may Save a Life.Please come forward to save lives fighting covid-19 in bangladesh. We will not be making any profit and this app is open source. We are ready for any kind of collaboration


BDPlasma Bank App

This app is especially built to connect plasma donor and plasma in need throught out Bangladesh. You co-operaton may lead us to a sucess and bring is good day soon. We will be not making any profit from this and this is an open source app just to help people.
***If Download doesn't respond please use the Mega Link to download***
*** See the tutorial on how to use the app***

Our research

A Comparative & Predictive Analysis On Corona-virus (COVID-19) Data Of Bangladesh Using Prophet & SIR Model
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